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Speed to Market
Case Study

We are a new company with a product in high demand and we have to get to market now!

Client Concern

We developed an innovative process for the medicinal market place.  Our product has met with exceptional customer demand, and we are losing market share because we do not have enough product to ship.


Excelsior Solution

  • Worked with the customer’s team to refine the parts and processes to streamline the manufacturing of the product.

  • Applied those new processes in a new work cell at Excelsior to deliver High Quality, High Quantity Machinery very quickly.


The customer client cooperation yielded a new work cell in Excelsior which was able to start producing completed assemblies within 6 weeks, and helped eliminate an 88 machine backlog in a little over 4 months.  The client was able to gain a huge market share that they would have otherwise lost to delivery concerns.

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