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Flat laser cutting

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Excelsior Inc. offers cutting edge technology for the process of cutting metal plates and sheets up to 80” x 160” in size and 1/2” total thickness thanks to our top of the line cutting flatbed CO2 and solid state laser Bystronic 4020 & 3015 Fiber Laser machines which combined with our expertise allow us to deliver highly precise results and fast turnaround times to our customers. Excelsior Inc.'s state of the art CNC laser cutting machines are equipped with last generation software which can be loaded with any CAD or CAM file in order to provide the customer with a friendly process and excellent results.

If you are interested in this particular service, contact us and we will provide you a quote in no time. We not only serve the Fresno area but the whole bay area in California!

Please call us for a free quote at 805-491-1273

or email us at

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