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Fabrication Without Fixtures
Case Study

We need to build a complicated machine without fixtures or jigs.

Client Concern

We are joining the agricultural implement market, and do not have the time or space to develop a full array of precision jigs and fixtures, and we are concerned that our employees will not build our machines correctly.


Excelsior Solution

We worked with the customer's engineering team to develop a kit of “Erector Set” parts that are all tabbed and slotted to fit together correctly and only correctly.  Additionally, we used this same capability to develop unique parts that reduced assembly and welding time. 


The customer client cooperation yielded a new machine with over 152 different parts, from 22 different sizes of material, that all “snapped” together with a minimum of fixturing and a minimum of skilled labor.  The client successfully entered the market and provided an innovative agricultural solution that was immensely successful with their customers.

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